Recording and Production Services

Do you have dreams of being a star? Well dreams come true! Or do you just have the desire to record one of your original or favorite cover songs and share it with your loved ones. I have the musical skills to help you write, produce, and record your dreams into reality. My home studio is located in downtown Ft. Lauderdale in a safe and comfortable location. I have all the necessary equipment and instruments to compose a professional sounding recording. I compose playing the guitar, piano, bass, drums, and ukulele. We will have access to microphones, software, midi, and multitrack recording software that can create crystal clear vocals, percussions, guitars, keyboards, and other instruments desireable. As a versatile musician, I am open to producing all styles of music. I have many years of experience composing, arranging, performing, and recording all genres of music. You will feel comfortable and right at home in my studio. I guarantee to make it a very inspiring atmosphere where you can let the creative juices flow. Last but not least, I am extremely easy to work with and laid back. Hope we can make some magic!

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