Mitchell Cutler has been teaching my 6 & 8 year old, piano and guitar for about 2 years now. He has an enormous amount of patience for my very rambunctious boys.  His love and dedication to music is apparent in his teaching.  I love that he is able to teach them several instruments and we are not limited to piano.  My 6 year old wants to play the guitar even though his finger are not quite strong enough, and Mitch always takes the time to teach him a few easy songs.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing music teacher.

Stacey Z.

A+ Music instruction is truly a great experience for children looking to learn how to play a musical instrument. My son is 6 years old and really enjoys learning to play the piano. He looks forward to his weekly piano lesson with enthusiasm.  Mitch is very patient and makes the lessons entertaining and fun for him. In the short time that he has been learning piano, he has already learned to play several songs and also how to read musical notes.

Michelle F.

I am writing this letter with regard to Mitchell Cutler, who has taught music to our two children over the last five years. I am greatly pleased to have the opportunity to write a letter in support of Mitch and his teaching practice.

Mitch is an incredibly talented musician with the unique ability to translate his talents into inspiration, instruction and modeling for others. I have two extremely active girls  whose current ages are 13 and 19. mitch found creative and engaging ways to teach each girl in a fashion that appealed to their individual talents and interests. His patience is extraordinary. The true care and enthusiasm he demonstrated was undeniable. I knew without question how important it was to him that my girls love music and from that love he inspired to learn, grow and experiment with different instruments and expressions of music. He taught them a range of instruments and applications including drums,keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele.. I believe that all of my children will carry their love of music throughout their lives.

I would highly recommend mitch to anyone who is interested in learning an instrument or any aspect of music performance. We are grateful for the investment mitch has made in the development of our girls

Darren S.

Mitch has been teaching my daughter piano and guitar for the past year. She has made incredible progress, and developed a true love of music. Mitch is easy-going, and tailors each lesson is such a way that his student is engaged and inspired. I appreciate Mitch’s ability to adapt to his students’ choice of music. I would recommend Mitch unreservedly.

Andy P.

We are thrilled to have found Mitch. He has all the talent, patience and passion needed to be a music instructor.
We have made music an important part of our son’s life, and he has always been passionate about music, now he has finally found a way to channel this passion with Mitch as his instructor.
I would recommend anyone, young or old, to take classes from Mitch!

Silvana S.

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