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Welcome! I'm Mitch. Thanks for stopping by. I hope I get the opportunity to guide you on your musical journey. Thought I'd introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. Starting with piano lessons, I began my musical journey at the age of 5 and quickly acquired a great love and appreciation for music. At the age of 12, I was intrigued by the guitar and began lessons shortly after. Having already become competent with the piano, I grasped guitar playing with greater ease. My underlying knowledge and understanding helped tremendously when developing my skills for other instruments too, including the bass, drums, and ukulele. I feel truly blessed to be able to play and teach all these instruments effectively.

Education and Experience 

I started out playing rock and blues, and I later studied jazz and classical at the New World School of the Arts. By the age of 15, I was a recording artist, signed by a local label, and have recorded and performed with numerous bands in countless venues throughout my career. 

I began teaching in high school to supplement my income but soon realized my ability to communicate and impart my musical knowledge could enable me to teach full time. I am deeply passionate about music education and the joys of working with all ages and skill levels. Seeing a student's face illuminate after accomplishing a musical goal is such a fulfilling reward.

The Universal Language of Music

Music connects all of us on a level that cannot be measured, and it transcends words, cultures, religions, and races. My unique approach encompasses great patience, experience, and a playful spirit that will keep you inspired throughout. I develop genuine connections with my students and can relate to their wonderfully dynamic personalities.

I consider myself a progressive teacher with a modern approach, incorporating games and popular songs into my lessons, while still incorporating the proper fundamentals. I always take into account the musical taste of my student, which is a strong motivational factor towards success. I believe music should be fun, but the educational elements are crucial as well.

Lifelong Learning

There is often a misconception that adults do not have the same capabilities to learn an instrument as a child. I strongly disagree. Many adult students that I have taught have fulfilled their life long dreams of playing an instrument. With dedication, it's never too late to learn! Most online music programs can only offer you a pre-recorded experience without real time guidance. On the contrary, I will provide you with live instant feedback, giving you tricks of the trade, while moving at your individual pace and tailoring each lesson to your personalized needs. So Join me on this musical journey and experience the gift of music!


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