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Finally make your dream of learning an instrument a reality! Give the gift of music to your child or loved one. Don't let it pass by!

And for those who have taken the leap to learn an instrument but are struggling, I have a solution. With over 20 years of experience, I am confident in my teaching method and can get you playing your favorite songs fast and with ease. Be the life of the party. Entertain the family. Serenade that special someone!

I'm sure you have experienced this struggle before. The hassle of commuting to and from lessons due to heavy traffic, bad weather, or fear of spreading illness. Unreliable instructors who show up late or not at all. Maybe you have signed up for a pre-recorded online course but feel frustrated without real live guidance and feedback that is necessary to learn an instrument. With my personalized online music lessons you can forget about all of these problems in the comfort and safety of your home.

As a highly reliable and reputable instructor, I am confident in my online teaching method designed to make learning feel easy, effective, and fun. My simple step by step instruction will guide you, regardless of age or natural ability, to playing your favorite songs on your favorite instrument. Your customized lesson plan will focus on goals that fit your specific desires.

What sets me apart from other teachers is my abundance of patience, playful spirit, encouraging support, and open mindedness to your musical tastes. Creating genuine relationships and lifelong memories that foster a love for music is the key to all my happy students. As the oldest brother of 6 boys (bless my parents' hearts), I pride myself on being a good role model and mentor by leading through example.

Throughout my career and backed by science, I have witnessed my students' lives improve in many areas such as academics, relationships, attitude, mood, focus, discipline, and overall joy. My students take with them all the benefits of learning an instrument into every area of life for years to come.

Whether you become the next Mozart or just play to relax when life gets challenging, music will be a valuable tool for your quality of life. Imparting my love of music to you is paramount to my vision.  

"I started taking virtual piano lessons with Mitch a few months ago and have really enjoyed my lessons so far. They are super fun and challenging. With Mitch's guidance, I've progressed quickly yet I like that I'm also learning music theory and the fundamentals of playing piano. I highly recommend Mitch for anyone who is interested in taking piano lessons as an adult or for a child." -Rachel P.






A Digital Music Experience from Home!

The future is here with live online music lessons! Learn the instrument of your dreams! Enjoy lessons from the comfort of your home without worrying about the weather, traffic, spreading illness, or other unexpected scenarios! Audio play alongs, visual aids, as well as interactive app-based games, will surely maximize the fun and effectiveness of the learning process. I will guide you step by step through an awesome virtual learning experience!

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Start Your Musical Journey on a Good Note!

Online music lessons are giving people an innovative way to learn, but few are tailored to the individual the same way mine are. My customized lesson plans are designed just for you, moving at your own pace, and towards your specific goals.

Save yourself the frustration and risk of developing bad habits from pre-recorded online music lessons with zero guidance. And do not settle for any random inexperienced teacher assigned to you from a faceless company. The personable approach and careful guidance I bring to my lessons create a relaxed, fun, and supportive environment to excel in.

Whether it's learning your favorite songs, composition, improvisation, theory, or reading music, I will guide you with an easy step-by-step approach in real time with instant and continuous feedback. Best of all, it takes place in the comfort and safety of your own home!











Got Internet?

Learn your favorite songs FROM anywhere!

Enjoy your online music lessons in the comfort of your home, at the office, while traveling, and even grandma's house without worrying about the weather, traffic, spreading illness, or other unexpected situations. Stay safe... stay cozy... stay home...with your customized lesson plan.

“Life is one grand sweet Song SO START THE MUSIC."


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Online music lessons that work!

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Be the life of the party! Serenade your special someone! Entertain your family and friends during the holidays! With just a handful of chords to learn, you can play 100's of your favorite songs. I am confident that with my easy step by step guidance to learning chords and strumming patterns you will be playing in no time!



By learning just a handful of chords, you will be able to play almost any song your heart desires. Adding some scales, you will be shredding your favorite solos and even creating your own. Whatever style of music you are interested in learning I can cater the lesson accordingly. By learning all the proper fundamentals which I am confident you will learn from my teaching method, you can learn any genre of music you want.



 Because the keys are big and a child’s fingers are small, it does not require a great deal of fine motor movements of the hands, like some other instruments. As a child grows, their coordination will build along with their ability to learn the instruments that will require more. Furthermore, learning to read music and acquire theoretical knowledge on the piano can be an easier task. It’s also a wonderful instrument to sing along to and eventually write your own music with!



This is such a charming and beautifully sounding instrument. They are smaller but similar to the guitar with only four nylon strings, which are easy on the fingers. They are light and extremely easy to travel with. Learning the basic chords and a few strumming patterns, you will be playing your favorite songs in no time. Whether it’s traditional Hawaiian folk music or a hit song on the radio you want to learn, we can make it possible.



The bass is the backbone of the band. Without the bass, everything can fall apart. It requires a great sense of timing and groove along with a creative and musical ear. If you enjoy the demand and responsibility of a bass player, look into bass lessons. Not only can it make sweet melodic lines but you can feel the sounds deep within your body from its big and powerful sound waves. It’s vital to the band.



Drums is such a fun and physical instrument. You are using your whole body producing powerful energy and motion. Drummers are the master of the beat and tempo and tend to be the leader of the band. You keep the band grooving and tight. Without the drums, there would be a lack of energy and good timing. After developing a good sense of timing and learning the fundamentals to rhythm, you can learn to play any style from rock to reggae.